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Sides & Starters 

Cup of Chili



Small Salad 



Large Salad



Italian Chicken Salad $5.90


Jalapeño Poppers

Zesty cream-cheese filled jalapeño poppers $3.95


Cheese Styx

Deep friend until golden $3.95


Tater Tots

Served with fry sauce.

Small $1.70

Large $2.10

Basket $5.25


French Fries

Our golden fries can’t be beat!

Small $1.70

Large $2.10

Basket $5.25


Onion Rings

Thick sliced onions, deep-fried until golden.

Regular $2.25

Basket $7.00


Cheese Fries or Tots $3.10


Chili Fries or Tots

Golden tater tots or fries smothered in our hearty chili, topped with cheese, jalapeños and onions $5.10


Baked Potato

Topped with butter, sour cream & bacon bits $2.45

Topped with chili and cheese $3.95


Breaded Pickle Spears $3.95


Sampler Platter

A delicious combination of Jalapeno Poppers, Cheese Styx, Onion Rings & Tater Tots. $7.50 

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